Hello. My name is Edmund B. Papp, creator of MermaidHunter.Com and its satellite websites; MermaidHunterFilms.com and KWLocations.com . I was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey 69 years ago. I fell in love with Key West in 1963 when the city was showcased in a National Geographic magazine article. I was so moved by that article that 2 weeks later I hitchhiked 1500 miles to work the shrimp boats and dive the reefs. I stayed the summer and did it all again in 1964… KW got into my blood.

Most of my career was spent in the Northeast as a Forbes 500 commercial photographer and art director but traveled back to KW at every opportunity, especially when I needed to recharge the batteries or just to get my head on straight. Finally, in 1999, when it was time to “retire” I told myself I’m finally going HOME – to Key West.

Today I busy myself by writing & illustrating stories about mermaids, sea sirens and water nymphs. I also design a small line of mermaid jewelry and tee shirts. I’m also a member of the Florida Film Commission as a Locations Director. 

Mermaid Hunter is a busy place with opportunities for locals to have fun and make some money in front of the camera OR behind the camera. Interested to know more, let’s chat over coffee at Harpoon Harry’s Restaurant – just say when… 305 240 9257