Hello and welcome to sunny Key West, Florida. Mermaid Hunter has been on the web since the beginning of the Internet and has a global audience of mermaid lovers in 63 countries. Throughout the decades the site, like myself, has evolved; exploring one wild concept after another. Well, now that I’m an old fart of 70 it’s time to start thinking of leaving a legacy… hence – The Mermaid Bible.

I intend to make The Mermaid Bible into the Internet’s most comprehensive source for all things Mermaid, Sea Siren & Water Nymph. Think they are all the same? They are not and that is why The Mermaid Bible will become a valued reference; an encyclopedia having the final word.


Mermaid Hunter is pleased to announce a two tier perfume will be added to its growing line of merchandise – soon to be available in our own Amazon storefront. Both perfumes named Mermaid Hunter will consist of a lighter scent for day and a heavier scent for nighttime clubbing and dancing. You’ll know the difference by a jet black bottle for night and clear bottle for day. Created and bottled right here in Key West, a local spokesmodel search is ongoing to find a most extraordinary woman to represent the perfumes. Click here to learn more… Perfume

Below are posters for a collection of my stories published on MermaidHunter some time ago. The stories will be incorporated into the new Mermaid Bible.