Hello. My name is Edmund B. Papp, creator of MermaidHunter.Com. Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey 69 years ago. I fell in love with Key West in 1963 when the city was showcased in a National Geographic magazine article. I was so moved by that article I hitchhiked 1500 miles that to work on the shrimp boats for the summer. 

Most of my career was spent in the Northeast as a commercial photographer and art director but traveled back to KW at every opportunity, especially when I need to recharge the batteries or just to get my head back on right. Then finally, in 1999, when it was time to “retire” I told myself I am finally going home – to Key West.

MermaidHunter.Com has been up and running since 1982! It has a global audience of people in love with mermaids, sea sirens and water nymphs – btw, think they are all the same – they are not, far from it. That is why I am now writing The Mermaid Bible, the most comprehensive source of original writing which clarifies all things mermaid, sea siren and water nymph. 

Mermaid Hunter is a busy place with opportunities to have fun and make some money in front of the camera and behind the camera. Interested to know more, we can have a chat over coffee any day at Harpoon Harry’s Restaurant – just say when.

Cell: 305 240 9257
Studio/Machine: 305 998 4318