I was an MP on a NATO airbase guarding F4 Phantom jets armed with nuclear bombs during the Vietnam war. I know how it feels to be away from family, lovers, friends. I just watched a Vietnam war documentary and it inspired me to ‘pay it forward’ regarding my time, talent and blessings.

For the month of January I am offering a free photo session to all active military in the Lower Keys, or their wives, husbands, lovers, and family who will be separated on Valentine’s Day. Absolutely no charge; I won’t even accept tips for this 2 hour sitting.

How you want to reach out and ‘remind’ your partner he/she is loved and missed is up to you… meaning being naughty or nice is up to you. You will not be required to sign a model release which insures what we create stay private and confidential. We’ll utilize video or photos or both if you want both.

After the session we’ll go through the images and you will pick out your favorite. I will then edit that image into something spectacular and email it to you. If you want to make a short 3 minute video, we’ll talk it through and I’ll edit it for you and again send it to you as an email attachment.

If you bring a portable hard drive I’ll transfer all images and footage onto it and give it to you… free! You can take these files to the pharmacy and have printed photos made.

This Valentine’s Day special is offered through the month of January. February will be needed to edit photos and edit video footage.

You are ENCOURAGED to bring a friend to the shoot.

My studio is located on top of Harpoon Harry’s Restaurant and a quick face to face sit-down should be scheduled before the shoot to go over questions or concerns.

Edmund B. Papp

305 240 9257