Hi Todd

I noticed you have several ‘styles’ of imagery. I’ve chosen a selection that defines the style of your work I like to go forward with. I believe it’s important that the 12 images have a continuity of style. These images reminded me of my love for my favorite artist Patrick Nagel whom I have emulated in my own artwork… check out my portfolio in the above menu.

You’ll notice sexy eyes that engage the viewer is probably the most important feature I value.

So I have chosen a concept for the first image. It’s sheer simplicity will make it hard to pull off. The main figure is a sea siren, not mermaid… no fishtail. Full figure or half figure up to you. She is underwater. Background elements can be a hint of a sunken Atlantis or at least a marble column or two. Marine life if needed. She can be wearing wisps of a worn and torn Greek toga exposing at least one breast. But here is the hard part… leave a portion of the image in the right bottom corner somewhat clean so that I can impose over your image the original saying I want to become known for.

Beware the Siren
For in the Sea
There is No Greater Beauty
Or Greater Horror
Than She…

The face! The face has to match the saying. I thought I came close with one of my images but the more I studied it, the more I felt I missed the mark. Take a crack at it.