The Ambassadors

Hello and Welcome. If you’re here you’ve been invited and that’s a good thing. This page explains an ambitious marketing effort by Mermaid Hunter Films for its new line of Mermaid Hunter merchandise… and maybe your opportunity to participate.

Above is the corporate mark/logo for Mermaid Hunter of Key West, a new online shopping experience specializing in everything Mermaid, Sea Siren and Water Nymph. Our projected opening date is Black Friday 2020.

Merchandise will be limited and boutique at first: jewelry, fashions, collectibles and a perfume but as our cachet grows so will the product line.

Now, about YOU … Where do you come in?
The 2020 primary advertising/marketing theme will be:

What Kind of Woman Wears Mermaid Hunter?

And to that end, Mermaid Hunter Films is searching for 5 extraordinary Key West women to be Ambassadors for the Mermaid Hunter Brand. Could that be you? Going forward here is what to expect.

  1. Stage One. If you are invited you will audition at my studio on top of Harpoon Harry’s Restaurant. It’s a two hour affair – the first hour is a glamour facial shoot. Then you slip into a bikini, settle into a 6 ft long aquarium and repeat the glamour shoot – underwater! The audition pays $100 for your time and effort, plus you will get copy of all photos and video footage. A pro model release needs to be signed because the audition will be videotaped and used to secure funds in an Indiegogo fund raising campaign. (Creating the project now… will give link when completed)
  2. Stage Two. If the audition goes well and you go forward – over the Spring and Summer we will collaborate on creating a 10 minute video diary that will include: a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit style segment; an underwater action or art segment; and lastly, a personal video diary about yourself and your relationship with the ocean and Florida Keys. This 10 minute video should take two day to shoot and puts $500 in your pocket.
  3. Stage Three. From the 5 Ambassadors I will choose The One to be the face of Mermaid Hunter Perfume. She will have her own marketing & advertising campaign AND put it puts $2,500 in her pocket.
  4. Stage Four. The KW Grand Opening of the Mermaid Hunter brand. A movie screen at the Tropic Cinema will be rented for a one night gala. All five Ambassadors plus their family/friends will be invited to attend to watch their 10 minute films on the big movie screen. There will also be a behind-the-scenes movie short showing the audience all the hard work (and bloopers) needed to create your ten minutes of video.
  5. Stage Five. After the screening a catered reception will be held in the Tropic Cinema’s Art Gallery on property. Here artistic still shots from the everyone’s shoots will be hung along with samples of the jewelry, perfume, fashions and ‘stuff’.

That’s it for now… any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to write or call me at: / 305 240 9257