Sea Siren Project

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Edmund B. Papp
The Mermaid Hunter

I will die believing the Greek god Poseidon sent me a true sea siren in human form named Nikki du Plessis… And, after learning about the incredible true Sea Siren saga, you might believe in the Greek gods yourself.

This webpage celebrates 10 years of friendship, respect, and sensational creativity between me and Nikki du Plessis. What a ride it has been; so full of excitement & thrills but also dark chapters of evil, illness and governmental overreach. So, com’along and learn about an aging photographer/filmmaker whose prayers were answered by… Name your own deity!

July 1999, I finally had enough of the NorthEast and retire to Key West, a refuge visited many times to restore my mental and physical balance. “I’m finally going home”, I told myself. On arrival I get lucky and secure a property right on Cow Key Channel. I say ‘lucky’ because living waterfront allows me to continue my passion of filming models underwater as mermaids and sea sirens. Understand, BEFORE moving permanently to Key West I was already creating photos & films and writing stories about mermaids for my online persona on MermaidHunter.Com since 1982 – that’s 17 years!

August 1999, My luck continued when I discovered a 28 foot sunken lobster/crab workboat in the 12th avenue canal just 300 feet from my boat dock.

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The shipwreck was 35 feet deep and covered in silt and razor-sharp barnacles.

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