Mermaid Ruby

Doctor Ruby was a conflicted human being. She spent most of her time in a Tampa hospital healing her patients. But every chance she had she would travel to Key West to spend time underwater on a reef or simply holding her breath on the bottom of my swimming pool. Ruby just had to be underwater. Ruby could stroke a shark and be as calm as me petting my dog Foxy. She would convince an octopus to crawl up her arm, onto her neck and over her face, just to watch me cringe in fear. Ruby couldn’t stand to wear clothes, especially when she swam in the ocean. She wanted her mind and body to merge with the ocean. She often told me she could actually smell the oceans currents; and I believed she could. Ruby and I shared many bottles of wine together.

But life has its ironies. Ruby could heal everyone but herself. I can’t write anymore. Life just isn’t fair. I miss you Ruby… and always will. I honor Ruby and keep her memory alive by starting every one of my videos with a short clip of her surfacing to the sun, which in my mind, she is ascending into a salty heaven. 

New models needed for Mermaid of the Month; earn $300 and keep all images & videos.

Video below shows how special Ruby was as an underwater model.