Amelia Cover Shoot Camera B Part 3




Loyal fans and viewers of my work sometimes ask me to show a complete unedited version of a typical photo/video shoot. Today I’m going to honor that request and provide the entire session of Amelia’s magazine cover shoot. The footage was taken by ‘Camera B’ on a tripod using a wide angle lens. Once focused I pressed the record button and just let it run.

Remember now, this is raw unedited footage so there are ‘slow’ times, for instance when I stop to show Amelia in-camera footage allowing her to see what the camera is capturing. Or giving Amelia time to catch her breath before another series of underwater breathholds.

Due to technical restrictions I have broken up the 1 hour shoot into 3 twenty minutes parts. I’m charging only $10 for each 20 minute segment.

Let the adventure begin!