Miss Fox is my newest candidate for Mermaid of the Month. She is a certified SCUBA diver, freediver, marine ocean Eco graduate/advocate AND she works at the Key West Aquarium. Hope to see more of this waterbaby.

Had a very enjoyable meet & greet portrait session with LeLani, a Key West local who promises me “I swim like a fish”! This session was very productive considering we chose wardrobe, accessories, makeup, set the lighting/set AND did the shoot all within an hour. LeLani was a pleasure to work with and I hope get her into the water soon.

Auditioned “Winter” yesterday, she will do great with some further underwater training; she shows great promise to be a future Mermaid of the Month. Winter left modeling 10 years ago to raise a family but she’s back and back in a big way.

I just finished designing the new corporate identity mark for Mermaid Hunter. The art is a little provocative but this is Key West, so no big thing. Going to look awesome on a tee shirt.

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The Water Nymphs… not mermaid or sea sirens!

So Hard to Pick Favorites