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CoVid 19 has brought Key West, and the nation to a standstill. For recent updates go to my Instagram page at:

Stay safe; God bless.

Big News!

Mermaid Hunter is pleased to announce a two tier perfume will be added to its growing line of merchandise – soon to be available in our own Amazon storefront. Both perfumes named Mermaid Hunter will consist of a lighter scent for day and a heavier scent for nighttime clubbing and dancing. You’ll know the difference by a jet black bottle for night and clear bottle for day. Created and bottled right here in Key West, a local spokesmodel search is ongoing to find a most extraordinary woman to represent the perfumes. Click here to learn more… Perfume

Short little video of newest talent to audition… Yamila!

Proud to announce the arrival of the first batch of “Mermaid Stones” under the Mermaid Hunter label. Coming soon are simpler designs for children and a collection for active surfer chicks, freediving ladies and want-to-be mermaids.

LeLani Brings a Vision to Life

Final edit…
A behind the scenes look at the creative process at work. Model/Photog making a vision come to life. Big Shout-Out to LeLani for the effort.

Mermaid Hunter Films adds a Portrait Boutique Studio

Mermaid Hunter went on a spending spree buying new ‘stuff’…
1. Three GoPro 8 Black cameras
2. DJI Mavic Mini Drone
3. DJI Omod Gimble for
4. Apple 11 Pro Max
5. $1000 worth of jewelry making components e.g. pearls & beads
6. Corals & aquatic vegetation for the jewelry campaign footage.
7. A supercharged underwater scooter… yea baby!

Did Mermaid Hunter go to to the ‘Dark Side’ ?

No, but to better illustrate my storytelling in Mermaid Hunter I need to find professional models who are comfortable portraying characters who face horror. Here Winter is being tortured to give up the location of the Key West Si-Mer colony. STAY STRONG Winter and don’t tell the bounty hunters anything!!

Catt Returns for another photoshoot.

Jewelry Line to debut shortly

Getting close to premiering the new Mermaid Hunter line of jewelry. Stayed Tuned.

Rae Takes the Plunge

Remember Rae? We finally made it happen. Rae aspires to be a professional mermaid and join a mermaid pod here in the Florida Keys. But first comes the training… and today was her first lesson in the mermaid tank. Looking good Rae.

New Talent… Melissa

New Talent … Kelly

Catt Auditions for Mermaid Hunter

As promised Catt auditioned for Mermaid Hunter and did so well she was invited back for more work – in fact, I will write a subplot in my mystery novel “Daughters of Poseidon” featuring two Vietnamese sea sirens… guess who that could be?

Model friend Winter introduced me to her younger sister Catt who expressed she wanted to audition for a character in Mermaid Hunter. Well, Alright! Below is Winter (r) and Catt (l)

It’s getting exciting around here… first batch of Mermaid Stones are ready to be put on the market. More about the marketing strategy later.

I just realized I haven’t made an entry about the new mermaid tank. It’s really a fish tank with measurements: 6 feet long; 2 feet wide; 2 feet high. It holds a little over 200 gallons of city water. I had it custom made from an outfit in Butler, PA. Its Plexiglas with 3/4 inch walls and top and a 1 inch thick bottom plate. Its about 400 lbs dry and almost 2,000 lbs filled. I made its wood stand with 4×4 logs, 2×4 studs, and a 2×6 upper frame set. I also made the whole unit movable with heavy duty wheels. I first thought I could utilize it outside my tiny studio (ON THE SECOND FLOOR) but the street noise and Key West sun reflections was too much to overcome. So, the futon used to host models overnight had to go, sniff, sniff. Guess I’m going to have to find Kammeron (read below) a hotel room when she visits. Anyway, here is a video trailer of Winter’s audition, she is the first model to get wet in the mermaid tank.

Waiting Impatiently for local lass Rae to return from holiday travel. We discussed a mermaid tank audition for her chance to rep the jewelry line. Planning to do a very sophisticated underwater shoot with lots of ‘elements’ that could go wrong. Rae has the facial bones I need but I’m not sure about her water skills to pull this off. That’s what the audition is for, right?

On a personal note… The holidays are over and for my New Year’s resolution I promised myself to loose some weight. This time a year ago I weighted 330 Pounds OY! All belly fat. Swear I looked pregnant. Then I got serious and shed 70 pounds which took me down to 260. Then like a smuck I put 30 back on… It’s those 30 pounds I want to loose – for good.

I took the plunge into social media and created an Instagram page. Still have lots to learn to use it properly as a marketing tool. Main reason for jumping in is the Mermaid Hunter jewelry line is almost complete and my intended audience hangs out on Instagram. It’s that simple. Take a look.

Wow, look who moved back to Florida and with luck I can get her down to the Keys… my former muse and friend Kammeron. Boy! was she special.

Winter Models The Mermaid Stone
Winter helped me do some preliminary shooting for my jewelry campaign in the mermaid tank. Thank U Winter.
The Mermaid Stone has a legend attached to it. More about this later.

I Finally Found my Poseidon!
It took a while but I finally found my Poseidon. The origins of my mermaids and sea sirens dates back to Greek Mythology so needless to say Poseidon plays a reoccurring role in my storytelling.

New Software
A Photo Filter Tool to Illustrate my Stories
I have been waiting YEARS for this advancement in photo-editing. Here’s how it will work. I will chose drama/action/love/mystery scenes in The Mermaid Bible then bring those scenes to life with local models/actors portraying their characters with photos or a short video. Now, the stories in The Mermaid Bible span over 5,000 years so I will choose a filter that best represents a historical timeline or use a filter that gives the photo story the visual ‘punch’ needed to effectively sell the scene to an audience. Here are some random samples.

Auditions for Mermaid Hunter
Sarah is relatively new to Key West and thought networking with Mermaid Hunter would be a positive experience. I can’t speak for Sarah but meeting her was a big positive for me. “Can you portray a mermaid underwater”, I asked her. “It sound interesting and I can try”. Well, try she did and succeeded in getting a call back after auditioning.

Auditions for Mermaid Hunter
A local single mom who wanted some excitement in her life called and asked to audition for Mermaid Hunter. Winter is from Viet Nam and since mermaids & sea sirens exist around the globe I couldn’t be happier to welcome Winter into the Mermaid Hunter family. But first, she would have to earn her welcome by getting wet demonstrating the skills needed sell the illusion that she could be a mermaid or staying dry and taking on a human character in The Mermaid Bible.

Rugosa Coral Plates
Jewelry Campaign
Went down to the Shell Warehouse and purchased a mess of Rugosa Coral Plates to use as displays for the upcoming Mermaid Hunter jewelry line campaign. One concept will be to ‘build’ a coral reef in the mermaid tank that will help display the jewelry pieces and have a model underwater slightly out of focus behind the jewelry pieces… might even add some fish and dramatic lighting, of course.

Here is a super large reef I built in a swimming pool years ago for the cover of my children’s book “The Very First Mermaid”… Which can be found on this website in The Mermaid Bible.

Auditions for Mermaid Hunter
After Sarah went through the audition process she said her daughter Ariana wanted to try out… I’m glad she did because Ariana proved to be a true waterbaby and model/actress. I hope Key West offers enough challenge to keep her in town.

Ariana was super comfortable underwater and could play any character in The Mermaid Bible that calls for underwater action/drama. With just a little training Ariana held her breath underwater for almost 3 and a half minutes. Wow!