Hello, I’m Edmund B. Papp, owner of Mermaid Hunter and I’m proud to announce MH will soon premiere its new line of jewelry and fashion accessories. The line will be targeted to all who love water & mermaids.

As a retired NYC commercial photographer / art director I’m especially excited to get back in the saddle again, so to speak. Creating advertising and marketing campaigns were always a joy. I can’t wait to get started.

Putting together a LOCAL creative team with experience in underwater shooting will be tough, I get it, but I’m determined to try. Bringing top talent down from Miami is just not practical.

So, here is what I am offering to all KW makeup artists. Get a girlfriend who thinks she can smile underwater. Underwater facials are a priority because first up will be showcasing a new line of jewelry necklaces, so her face must be strong with excellent skin.

I had a custom 6 ft long aquarium made to test models and it will also be used for much of the actual shoot later on. So, come to the studio in Old Town and spend a couple of hours experimenting and having fun trying to transform your model into a believable mermaid.

I’ll give you and your model $100 for your efforts and a selection of edited before/after images and a copy of the behind the scenes video. If the session didn’t go as well as you believe it could have – schedule another session and we’ll do it all over again. Same deal as before.

In April 2020 I’ll select the MU Artist I feel brings the most creativity and who I feel comfortable working with. At that time I will offer him/her a contract specifying that in 2020 I will hire him/her for enough hours to generate over $5,000 income. Not only that but should I use your model later on as a Mermaid Hunter Ambassador I’ll pay you a finders fee of $500.

Model friend Winter helped me baptize the new aquarium and check it didn’t leak!

So, make contact and let’s have a sit down chat… text at: 305 240 9257