A little about me.

I’m a 72, straight, unmarried creative who has worn many hats over the years e.g. Commercial Photographer, Filmmaker, Author, Art Director, Graphic Artist, Newspaper Publisher & Diving Instructor. Now I hunt mermaids. My history with Key West dates back to 1963, when at 13 years old, hitchhiked from Trenton, NJ, my hometown, to Key West. I worked the shrimp boats for the summer… did it again in ’64. I retired here in 1999 and have left the rock only 5 times and that was to pick up models at Miami Airport.

Some personal stuff. Regarding models – I respect them more than you know. I don’t believe in pornography or demeaning women. I never touch or ask models to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. I encourage escorts to attend all shoots. I have never had an “incident” with a model in the 50+ years of my career. It’s a record I’m very proud of.

Goal for 2023

My major goal in 2023 is to open a storefront on Amazon for my upcoming ‘Mermaid Hunter’ product line which will include: Perfume, Jewelry, Fashions, Photo-Art Book, Fine Art, Computer App for Tourists & Various Collectables.

Each of the above products will have its own marketing/advertising campaign… which involves models!

Need for 2023

Simply put… I need “athletic waterbabies” because all marketing/advertising campaigns created for the Mermaid Hunter product line involve concepts and imagery staged in, on and especially underwater. Underwater modeling/acting is – for sure – not for everyone. If you are NOT comfortable being underwater, this work is not for you… don’t even consider it.

Auditions 2022

The remainder of 2022 will be dedicated to auditioning talent to discover who has the skill levels needed for the 2023 advertising campaigns. For instance,

  • I’m creating an APP for the one million tourists visiting KW annually. The APP will showcase various snorkeling/freediving sites right off the beaches of KW. Here, the on-camera hostess will work in the hostile environment of open ocean, 25 feet from the surface with no diving gear. This will take a very, very special model. AND she will be paid accordingly.
  • I will need a dynamic face to model mermaid jewelry underwater in a custom built 6ft long aquarium in my studio.
  • My tee-shirt line will be shot in iconic locations throughout KW.
  • My perfume campaign needs a spokesmodel to be competent in all three locations: studio, pool and ocean.
  • Lastly… And this is the biggest. 17 years ago I refused an offer from a legitimate Hollywood producer to buy the rights to my sci-fi novel “Daughters of Poseidon”. He saw the future of movies based on heroes and villains from comic books.

Sci-Fi fantasy continues to dominate the entertainment world so – using some of the audition footage taken in 2022 I’m going to crowdsource an extended “Daughters of Poseidon” video trailer and shop it to Hollywood. (You can read the first chapters on MermaidHunter.Com)

Your modeling/acting skills will be seen by bigshots in all fields of entertainment… from films, to advertising, to music videos.

The Audition Process

I need 6 superstar mermaids… and I’m ready to pay big bucks to find them. Below is my pay scale for auditions.

First time auditions last 2 days with a 4 hour session per day. Shoots will be wet & dry on location or in studio. Dry sessions concentrate on beauty portraits and acting with vocals. Wet sessions will be swimming pool or my large in-studio aquarium, testing breath holding skills and comfort levels while underwater.


  • $500 cash for the 2 day audition
  • I provide/pay overnight lodging at the Key West NYAH which is one block from the studio
  • I provide/pay an open tab during your stay at Harpoon Harry’s Restaurant
  • I provide you a copy of everything we create during your audition – photos & video footage.
  • I provide/pay a $100 gas travel allowance if driving to KW
  • If the audition goes well, I will create professional imagery for social media. I will give you hi-res copies to OWN and use as you wish.

NOTE: Photographers get Scammed too !

I am an underwater specialist and need to work with skilled underwater models.

I’ll tell you a true story. A Model Mayhem “model” from Atlanta, Ga made contact saying she was a professional mermaid at the famous Atlanta aquarium. She said she often had to dive down 20 feet to interact with children on the other side of the glass walls. She was beautiful so I paid for an all expense two night stay in KW. However, it took only 5 minutes in the pool to learn she was a total fraud who just wanted a paid vacation to Key West. Once underwater her face turned into a dying blowfish and could only hold her breath for 15 seconds max. Worst yet, she stole a GoPro after I canceled the audition.

So, in black & white, here are the rules. If you are not comfortable underwater, and by that I mean, if you cannot give me a relaxed 30 second breathhold posing underwater, I will consider you a scam artist. You forfeit your cash payment and your second night at the hotel.

If you party too much at night and show up for day two hung over, with tired bloodshot eyes, you forfeit your cash payment and your second night at the hotel.

If your escort becomes too much of a problem you forfeit your cash payment and your second night at the hotel.

About Nudity.

Nudity is NOT required to audition; bikini is perfectly OK. However, if nudity is not an issue with you, the following rates apply – Topless, $750 for the 2 day audition. Full nudity, $1000 for the 2 day audition. I will never ask for explicit sexual situations. Never, it’s just not my thing.

About Wardrobe & Makeup

All wardrobe needs will be provided, except bikinis. You must provide all makeup needs.

My Model Release

I’ve been around a long time and have witnessed some amazing advancements e.g. from film to digital, the Internet, the changing of social norms, and how that machine in your hand or in pocket has changed the world. For creatives new opportunities to showcase our work expand almost daily. I can’t predict the future and know how I can monetize what I create today – tomorrow. That is why my model release is all-inclusive. I pay a fair price for what we are creating today. I pay a fair price for your time and talent given today. If I can make a future profit off of what we create today then it’s good for me.

I am putting in black and white now what I will tell you face to face; Never do anything in front of my camera that will cause you shame or damage in the future.

Attached is my standard adult model release. I do not allow revisions or alterations. It is what it is: like it or leave it. I expect it to be signed after day one of the audition: If not, you forfeit your cash payment and your second night at the hotel.

Important Stuff You Need to Know

1. I am in charge of overnight security at Sunset Key Cottages, a 5 star resort on a private island. I am available for auditions Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday only. LINK

2. Hotel reservations and paid meals are for you only. If an escort accompanies you he/she pay their own way. NYAH stands for Not Your Average Hotel and is likened to an upscale European style hostel for adults. All former models give thumbs-up but I strongly suggest you investigate their website before committing to Key West… here is the link: NYAH

3. Auditions will start after September 17, 2022. That is the day the new iPhone 14 will be on sale and I plan an buying two. This past Spring I sold all my professional studio gear, camera systems, lenses, lighting systems… the works. Remember, I’m 72 and dreaded lugging 70lbs of gear to location shoots; hire an assistant? in Key West: LOL

I traded in two large cases of Sony gear for a small backpack of iPhone 13s and GoPro 10s. Newer versions of both iPhone and GoPro will leap forward again in late September… for instance, iPhone 14 will record video in 8 K. Incredible!

The fact is, I shoot almost everything in video format and grab individual frames for photo stills. This might change with the new iPhone 14 because the photo resolution will jump from 12 MPs to 48 MPs.

4. Important. MermaidHunter.Com has been on the Internet from the very beginning – 1982. In that time I have developed a small but loyal fan base of mermaid lovers who follow my mermaid hunting career as I discover, train and showcase the models in my projects. For this tiny group I edit and sell making-of & behind-the-scenes videos on Vimeo.Com. The profit I make from selling these videos is less than you think but allows me to pay you to audition. I don’t do Only Fans or other like pay sites. Previous models who do use Only Fans have asked me to edit their footage into videos that they could post to make money. Up till now I’ve turned everyone away but I might change my mind with the new iPhone footage. No promises.

Attached is a link to a Vimeo pay per view account illustrating the above. Here is the link: Vimeo

5. Important. Audition footage will NEVER be used or sold for profit, EXCEPT in the ‘making-of’ or ‘behind- the-scenes’ scenarios described above.

6. I pay a $100 finders fee if a model you brought forward ‘completes’ the audition.

7. Regarding the pandemic – I am fully vax’d; jabbed 4 times. The studio is a no-mask zone. However, the past 2+ years have taken a toll on me. I’ve gained 80 lbs and now can’t lose the weight. Awful.

8. Important. I’ll end with this. Candidates who pass the audition might be invited to return to take advantage of my training program. If you decide you want to compete for an open ocean gig that pays really, really well, you must pass protocols and standards I have developed over the decades. The ocean is a hostile work environment and I have not had an injury to date. My training program is the reason why.

Therefore, the training program will allow you to come to Key West, and as before, I will pay for your hotel and your tab at Harpoon Harry’s Rest during your 1, 2 or 3 day stay. I will expect a 4 hour session per day. I will not pay for gas or pay a modeling fee. This is room and board in exchange for a 4 hour training session. Plus, I will give you a copy of all that we create to OWN and use as you see fit.

OK, I think I covered most topics that will answer most questions. If you have questions or concerns please reach out. Check out my Instagram HERE to see what your future can look like.