A little about me.

I’m a 72, straight, unmarried creative who has worn many hats over the years e.g. Photographer, Filmmaker, Author, Art Director, Graphic Artist, Newspaper Publisher & Diving Instructor. Now I hunt mermaids. I am a member of the Florida Film Commission. My history with Key West dates back to 1963, when at 13 years old, hitchhiked from Trenton, NJ, my hometown, to Key West. I worked the shrimp boats for the summer… did it again in ’64. I retired here in 1999 and have left the island only 5 times and that was to pick up models at Miami Airport.

This Just In – 10/25/22

A Japanese TV Production Company asked my help to cast a travel show episode that features South Florida Beaches. Make contact for more information: Text at 305 240 9257 BUT I prefer email at

My Needs for Fall/Winter 2022

Earlier this year I sold all of my professional photography gear e.g. camera systems, lighting systems, lenses, the works. The entire studio was emptied. I traded my Sony s for two iPhone14s and the newest GoPro. New tech LED light systems were purchased. A new studio configuration was set up with new backgrounds and an entire rack of new fashions was purchased.

NOW, I need to gain working experience using all this new stuff before hiring Miami pro models.

So, I need a someone to basically be a living mannequin as I test out the iPhones, the new studio lights, backgrounds & props, etc. Want this job – pays $50/hr? I figure I’ll need you for 20/30 hours October thru December.

Mermaid Hunter Magazine

I will publish a Winter issue later this year: Cover model needed – 4 hour gig pays $250

Goal for 2023

My major goal in 2023 is to open a storefront on Amazon for my upcoming Mermaid Hunter product line which will include: Perfume, Jewelry, Fashions, a Snorkel/Freediving App for Tourists visiting Key West. Also, Mermaid Hunter Magazine will restart as a quarterly publication needing models for the cover and editorial content.

Modeling Fee Breakdown for 2023

Perfume Campaign… A seven day shoot @ $1,000 per day

Jewelry Campaign… A five day shoot @ $1,000 per day

Fashions Campaign… A five day shoot @ $1,000 per day

The Computer App Shoot… A ten day shoot @ $1,000 per day

Mermaid Hunter Magazine… $100/hr.