Mermaid Stones

The Legend of The Mermaid Stones

When a teenage sea siren, who looks and acts like an ordinary girl – but she is not – when she aspires to transform into a mermaid and forever live in the ocean with a fishtail… well, it’s a big decision and those who love her are happy and sad at the same time

You see her friends know mermaids are very special and loved by everyone, but it also means she is now totally a creature of the ocean and not land like them.

BUT, just because the young sea siren says she wants to become a mermaid does not mean it will happen. Why? Because Poseidon, god of the oceans, allows only special sea sirens who pass a test can transform into mermaids: A test that proves her purity of heart and her desire to leave land forever.

The very first sea siren to transform into a mermaid was Sara and her test was so scary and so dangerous that Poseidon forbid anyone knowing what happens during the test.

What is known each sea siren who tests is give a simple stone to hold throughout her ordeal. She’s told never, ever, let it go. That’s all we know about the stone, except, if the siren passes the test the stone is now her most prized possession… for life. They say after the test the Mermaid Stones hold magic powers.

According to legend when mermaids die their spirits remain in their Mermaid Stones and when a human wears it, especially when she is under the water, the mermaid’s spirit will protect her from all harm… just like it did during her test.

Below are recent photos of Key West Models wearing Mermaid Stones

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