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Official Mark – Mermaid Film Festival

Hi everyone, my name is Edmund B. Papp and I’m the old fart behind the Mermaid Hunter brand: MermaidHunter.Com, Mermaid Hunter Magazine, Mermaid Bible, and now, the 1st Annual Mermaid Hunter Film Festival.

Want to win $2,500? Here is what you have to do. It’s simple. On MermaidHunter.Com, in the menu is a link titled: Mermaid Bible. Click. Read its words. Find a story, a book, a poem, a paragraph, a sentence, a photo, anything that stimulates your filmmaking vision. Take a breath, then extend that visionary concept into a mental storyboard. Get an actor/model or two, or three. You know the rest… create! (BTW, your starring model will win a separate $1,000 if you win).

Films need not be a big productions. A five-minute film can punch you in the face and deliver imagery that perfectly explains what it takes me an entire chapter of prose to convey to a reader.

What’s important (equally important) to winning this festival is Storytelling & Style – and don’t forget your viewers are adults, not children. An “R” rating is perfectly acceptable.

A major tenet of The Mermaid Bible is Mermaids, Sea Sirens, & Water Nymphs are three completely different water creatures… totally different species. The Mermaid Bible is filled with action, drama, sex, conflict, love, mysticism and mythology.

Think of The Mermaid Bible as a lumber yard with the raw materials needed to create your own masterpiece. That’s it. Read words and translate them into a visual film. Big shot film directors do it all the time… now it’s your turn.

This specialized film festival is for underwater filmmakers; amateurs & pros alike. All accepted videos will be available for public viewing on MermaidHunter.Com – no fees to watch your masterpiece and no fees to submit your masterpiece. Submissions will continue to be taken until late December.

The winning film will be announced in January 2022. In March, 2022 an awards ceremony will be held in Key West, Florida. The winning film and two honorable mentions will be shown on a large screen at the famous Tropic Cinema in Key West, Florida. The winning film’s director and the film’s starring talent will be invited as guests to the showing and asked to hold a Q & A session. Last item in the theatre will be the presentation of the money awards to the director and the talent.

After the showing and awards ceremony a small art gallery within the Tropic Cinema will open to all participants with refreshments giving the director and talent opportunity to shine and bask in the glory the night will bring.

A special page on MermaidHunter.Com will be dedicated to this film, its cast and crew and kept online for years to come.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Video submissions must be received before December 31, 2021
  2. Video must be new (2021).
  3. All entries must be submitted digitally – 1080p MP4
  4. Video must be longer than 5 minutes but less than 30 minutes
  5. Video must be either in English or subtitled in English
  6. Video must be hosted off-site and submitter will provide link to video
  7. Video must embrace the the beliefs of Edmund B. Papp and his interpretation of mermaids, sea sirens & water nymphs as described in The Mermaid Bible, found on MermaidHunter.Com
  8. Video can be “R” rated. Your audience are adults.
  9. Films can not be withdrawn from the festival program after being selected.


There will only be one (1) winning video and it will take home all prize money & glory.

Winning Video – $2,500 Cash

Talent Starring in Winning Video$1,000 Cash

Jury & Awards

Nothing complicated: Edmund B. Papp, aka, The Mermaid Hunter will select 10 finalists. Then, he and several artsy-fartsy friends will watch and judge, selecting the top 3 videos. Mr. Papp will then select a winner.

At a future date & time the festival will announce particulars for an awards ceremony to be held at the Tropic Cinema in Key West, Florida. The festival will rent out a movie screen for the night and premiere the top 3 films to friends and supporters of the festival. Directors & talent of the winning film will be invited to attend. After the premieres a Q & A will follow for the winning film as well as the presentation of the money awards.

Showcasing Your Videos

Starting immediately, up to the moment a winner has been chosen, ALL qualified & selected videos will be made available for public viewing on MermaidHunter.Com or in Mermaid Hunter Magazine – Free of Charge. Public comments and feedback will be allowed.

Reference & Help Guides

The Mermaid Bible is an ever expanding encyclopedia – the final word on all things mermaid, sea siren and water nymph. It’s filled with stories, even books, written by the world’s foremost authority on the subject, Edmund B. Papp, aka, The Mermaid Hunter of Key West. In the Mermaid Bible is a special section titled: Raw Data. This section was written as a primer for filmmakers planning to submit videos to The Mermaid Film Festival.

Filmmakers, remember, your film should provide context (however slight) that supports the writings found in The Mermaid Bible… example, “a sea siren lives on land like any normal woman but she must return to the ocean for 90 minutes every day.”

Click the Image for link to the Mermaid Bible

Mermaid Bible
Mermaid Bible

Legal Stuff

Subscribers to the the Mermaid Film Festival agree as established by Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, No. 196 on the protection of privacy, the use of personal data for all initiatives related to the event. The Author of the film declares to accept the Regulation in all its parts and to have the legal availability of the film and to authorize the public screening without compensation, freeing the organization of the Festival from any present and future responsibility. With the contest entry each author is responsible for the content of his work. The author claims to own all rights to the work, not prejudicing in any way the rights of third parties, like other authors, subjects portrayed, transferees of rights, together with those music, etc. . It also declares that the audiovisual material is not protected by SIAE. Under the provisions of Legislative Decree. 30/06/2003 n. 196, we inform the author that the data requested is necessary for completing the documentation of registration to the Festival.

Now What? How to Submit Your Video

First things first… email Edmund Papp at: and tell him you have a film you want to enter into the festival… It’s that easy.