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Let the Adventure Begin

Mermaid Hunter Films is casting two major projects: The Mermaid Bible and The Ambassadors. A Mermaid Hunter Ambassador is a beautiful woman chosen to represent the Mermaid Hunter line of merchandise. Each Ambassador gets his/her own marketing campaign.

To illustrate my storytelling in The Mermaid Bible I need models & actors to become Humans, Mermaids, Sea Sirens, Water Nymphs, Greek gods & goddesses… they are all different characters and come in all genders, shapes, sizes, ages, races, ethnics and weights.

Regarding nudity… it’s totally up to you. Some characters call for it; MOST do not. Think of this site like a PG-13 movie.

Mermaid Hunter Films pays its talent very well with new candidates starting at $50/hr. Depending on experience and skills you can earn up to $200/hr. The reason we can afford good talent is our social funding project on Take this link to learn more:

Recent Auditions

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Still undecided? Watch the video below. I made it especially for you.

Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained