New projects on schedule for MermaidHunter.Com and Mermaid Hunter Magazine and the need for new talent is pressing. Below outlines a program to attract new out of town models to audition in Key West, Florida.

The Preposition: What do I Need to Know ?

  1. Mermaid Hunter will contribute $100 for gas, tolls and fees, MH will pay for a 2 night stay at the Key West, NYAH hotel. MH will also give candidate an open tab at Harpoon Harry’s restaurant during your visit. A brand-new bicycle will also be provided.
  2. This offer is valid only for the candidate. If candidate wishes to bring a friend, friend must bear all personal costs for travel, lodging and meals.
  3. Audition will take 4 hours on Day 1 and 4 hours on Day 2. Before / After audition is candidate’s free time to explore KW or just relax on a beach.
  4. No Nudity
  5. Underwater modeling is focus of audition. You must be a waterbaby and please expect getting water up your nose.
  6. IMPORTANT… It is expected the candidate will be able to hold her breath for 1 minute, be in excellent health, and be able to work/look/pose comfortably underwater. In the past some models have used this type of promotion just to visit Key West on my dime; when it came to going underwater they looked like a dying blowfish – I sent them home immediately without pay. I will do this again in your case if you are scamming me. IF YOU ARE NOT A WATERBABY THIS GIG IS NOT FOR YOU.
  7. If you excel during the audition – you could be asked to extend your stay if possible.
  8. All filming will be done on video not still photography. All audition footage will be edited into a short film and placed in the Media Library where possibly in the future it could be put up for sale.
  9. A full pro model release will be signed before audition begins.
  10. After audition model will receive 3 portfolio grade images and a copy of edited film if produced. But best of all… a chance to return for more filming at a pro level hourly rate.
  11. Hotel and Studio are 1 block from each other and easily within walking distance to Duval Street clubs, shopping, etc. Studio is 1 block from famous Harbor Walk.

What Am I Auditioning For?

  1. Magazine cover shoot
  2. Jewelry campaign
  3. Perfume campaign
  4. Upcoming fashion campaign
  5. Magazine editorial
  6. Magazine advertising
  7. Mermaid Hunter Inc. Corporate Identity Campaign
  8. Free listing in the MH approved model listing for underwater photographers and filmmakers.
  9. Potential acting gig as a character in The Mermaid Bible.

The Audition – What’s Involved

Day 1 – In the studio

  1. Dry glamour session in studio… portrait & full body
  2. Posing in a 6′ long fishtank for underwater portraits
  3. In the fishtank, learning how to improve breathholding skills.

Day 2 – In Nearby Hotel Pool

  1. Filming uw swimming style and uw glamour shoot
  2. Learning UW modeling techniques such as achieving neutral buoyancy.
  3. Acting out a short scene underwater or performing a music video underwater.

That’s It !

If you want to work past your 8 hour obligation to work on your portfolio MH would be open to that idea.