A list of available modeling jobs at Mermaid Hunter:

  1. Spokesmodel for upcoming line of jewelry
  2. Spokesmodel for upcoming perfume campaign
  3. Covermodel for latest edition of Mermaid Hunter Magazne
  4. Model for new line of teeshirts
  5. Models to illustrate my young adult novella: The Very First Mermaid
  6. Models to illustrate my online mystery novel: Daughters of Poseidon
  7. Models to help me test new equipment, backgrounds, and techniques

Mermaid Hunter Films specializes in underwater filmmaking and therefore needs a special kind of model – one who is completely comfortable working / posing underwater. And then, there are even more specialized needs… underwater models who can work in saltwater / open ocean and those who opt to work only in swimming pools.

Regardless of the location, open ocean or pool, all potential models wanting to work with Mermaid Hunter Films must audition. Why? I am not going to rent a boat, hire a safety crew, prep all day for a shoot only to discover the model can’t hold her breath longer than 15 seconds, gets seasick, gets ‘redeye’ after only 5 minutes working underwater, OR looks like a dying blowfish everytime she poses underwater.

I have been teaching candidates how to become underwater models for over 50 years and developed a system that works, allowing me to proudly state I have NEVER had a bad incident regarding models working for me.

My audition process is as follows:

  • A two hour shoot in-studio. Hour one is dry where we shoot facials and full body in swimwear. Hour two is underwater. I have a 6′ long aquarium in-studio. Here we test for redeye, breathholding abilities, and level of comfort posing underwater.

  • If candidate warrants moving on we go to the Key West community swimming pool in Bahama Village. A beautiful pool that is 10 feet deep and 100 feet long. Candidate demonstrates water skills learned from above and showcases her strength as a future model who can specialize in underwater work.
  • Saltwater location to test redeye and ability to equalize ear pressure at depth. This location will test models ‘fear’ of water, depth, and ocean critters.


  1. The entire audition process is recorded on video, no still photos are taken.
  2. No nudity, swimwear is fine for audition work.
  3. I pay very well to discover talent I can rely on to do this specialized work. So, auditions are paid gigs. I have two levels of pay – you choose. First, Non-Commercial agreement / model release… meaning I can not sell or make a profit from the footage we take during your audition. Second, a Commercial agreement / model release… meaning I can edit your audition footage and sell it to my loyal fan base. Each of the three location shoots describe above: in-studio, swimming pool, open ocean, takes about 2 hours and earns the following pay – Non-Commercial $250 per location; Commercial $500 per location.
  4. I also do what no other commercial filmmaker does… I give the model a copy of the audition footage for her to own and use as she wishes. I also create still photos from selected frames of video and will give the model copies of these images created in Photoshop.
  5. Before auditioning candidates makes a good-faith promise that she is in good health with no breathing/lung problems, can hold her breath for at least 30 seconds and that she is comfortable underwater and will not panic when her head goes underwater. (YES, this has happened in the past). If I determine candidate is “in it for the money” and cannot live up to her promise I reserve the right to end the audition immediately and model forfeits her pay.
  6. I test/audition on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday only.

As you audition with me you will find me as a no nonsense, no drama, kind of guy. I am very up-front about the business side of this work. I’m a straight arrow, tell it like it is, take it or leave it kind of guy. Being an old fart of 73 years old & working in NYC for a generation will do that to you. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to write me:

Below are model releases: