Mermaid Alison

Alison’s slideshow below is a Behind-The-Scenes recap of her work with me in Key West. Please keep reminding yourself of two things as you view the images. Most images are single frames taken from video shooting at 30 frames per second and have not been processed in Photoshop. Second, the video cameras I used then were top of the line but are considered ‘antique’ when compared to todays cameras. As a rule I only shoot high resolution still photos 10 percent of the time because I consider myself an online storyteller rather than a fine art photographer. Here’s a timeline: GoPro hasn’t even been invented yet!

Coming Soon

My personal diary of Alison’s time working and even living at Mermaid Hunter.

Coming Soon

This section will hold all of Alison’s Videos. They will be available for purchase at a very affordable price.