The Website Is Under Heavy Construction

Edmund B. Papp aka The Mermaid Hunter of Key West

Hello and welcome to sunny Key West, Florida. Mermaid Hunter has been on the web since the beginning of the Internet and has a global audience of mermaid lovers in 63 countries. Throughout the decades the site, like myself, has evolved; exploring one wild concept after another. Well, now that I’m an old fart of 71, my age & health tell me it’s time for MermaidHunter.Com to change once again. I’ve lived a wonderfully creative life and as I reflect on that life I see that I did not do it alone. My memories, my creative work involve the most fascinating models I’ve had the honor to work with and come to know as friends.

So, this website is a celebratory thank you to those women who helped me turn visions and concepts into something real – a photo, a video, a film. Along the way, I will share in a personal almost intimate way, my memories of them with you the loyal fans of Mermaid Hunter.

Unfortunately, there will be a gaps in this photo/video diary due to Hurricane Wilma. It’s storm surge smashed my waterfront home and saltwater ruined portions of my life’s work.

Let’s start by showcasing 20 of the most influential models I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with; after all, if not for them would I have ANYTHING to show you. Below is what I wrote in a recent photo-essay book titled: The Sea Siren – It’s very true and heartfelt.

This book is dedicated to all
professional art models – only with
their understanding & commitment
can artists turn dreams into reality.